At the beautiful Santa Maria del Oro lake in Nayarit

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LA LAGUNA DE SANTA MARIA DEL ORO near Tepic, Nayarit, is one of the many quiet, unspoilt and exceptionally beautiful locations that an adventurous and nature loving traveller may visit while in Mexico.

The area offers a welcome variation from the much visited beaches and huge tourist complexes of the nearby Riviera Nayarit. A visit of a day or two can provide a relaxing break while travelling between Tepic, Nayarit, and Guadalajara, Jalisco. The beautifully conserved crater lake is well worth a visit. Popular activities include hiking, birding, fishing, kayaking and swimming.


How to get here

Take the Santa Maria del Oro turnoff from highway 15 or toll road Guadalajara-Tepic, drive through the town, past the lookout point and continue on the winding road to the lake. Arriving at the lake you will find us 300 meters to the left.

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KOALA BUNGALOWS offers the best value for money at the lake with a room for $800.00 daily and bungalows from $1,000.00 pesos The camping fee is around $80.00 pesos per person per night and a R.V. site for two persons is $220.00 per night.

The outstandingly beautiful Santa Maria del Oro crater lake is about 9 kilometers from the town of Santa Maria del Oro, on the edge of the mountainous region known as the Sierra Madre Occidental; It is about 2,000 meters long by 1,600 meters wide with an average depth of 60 meters and at an altitude of approximately 730 meters. The road around the approximately 8 kilometers perimeter is great for mountain bikes or hiking

The many restaurants at the edge of the lake serve the now famous 'chicharron de pescado´ (deep fried morsels of battered fish) Our pleasant and affordable lakeside restaurant ´La Mojarra de Samao´ has a varied and inexpensive menu.

Santa Maria del Oro lake

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Santa Maria del Oro lake